The Spring season of 2021 has come to an end. Who was the best team in the nation this season? And what happens next?

The NCAA Division 1 national tournament finished recently with, if you ask those who are familiar with college soccer, a big upset. Unseeded Marshall University won their first national tournament in their program’s history, winning 1-0 over Indiana University in a thriller of a final that went on to OT.

Marshall University plays in the C-USA Conference and has a very diverse roster with over 50% international students from all over the world. They had an unbeaten regular season and won against Fordham University, Clemson University (Seed #1), Georgetown University (Seed #8), and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (Seed #16) along the way before winning the national championship against Indiana University (Seed #3) in the final. Not the outcome many expected but this is what makes college sports, and in particular college soccer, so exciting.

Only talent will not win you a national championship in the collegiate environment without putting in the time, effort, and attention to details, together with a whole lot of “blood, sweat, and tears”. We are sure that if you ask anyone in Marshall’s team that they can say a big YES with confidence that this is what they have done during this past season.

After the season all players will have the opportunity to head back home to enjoy the summer together with their friends and family before they need to come back to campus for preseason. The majority of the international players decide to go back to their home countries, but there are some that decide to stay in America over the summer. While in America, they will not just be able to focus on getting better with access to all campus facilities, but they will also be able to visit new places and enjoy American holidays such as 4th of July. There are also opportunities to help out at camps and clubs earning a bit of pocket money over the summer.