Academic Guidance

Advice and mentorship for an academic pathway that matches your aspirations and career goals

Athlete Promotion

Utilizing our extensive network within university athletics, we are able to connect and place our athletes in the best programs across the country

Global Platform

Having developed a worldwide scouting network, our services are accessible to every elite athlete in pursuit of their athletic scholarship

League Eligibility

Assistance from our knowledgeable team to ensure our clients are 100% eligible and ready to play

Highlight Package

Creating and editing highlight tapes allows us to showcase our athletes at their best

Athlete Development

Join the list of countless talented athletes who have used collegiate athletics to propel themselves into the professional game

Additional Support

Transfer Assistance

Unlike most scholarship consultants, we will never charge our athletes additional fees for assistance in transferring to another university. This service is also available to non-clientele seeking that crucial transfer move – contact us.

Flights & Insurance

Assistance in finding the most cost-efficient flight packages and travel arrangements. As well as guidance on choosing the right health insurance provider.

Choose an Elite Athletic Scholarship


Combine Athletics with Academics​

As a collegiate athlete you get the opportunity to combine both education and sport. Your studies and practices will be perfectly coordinated, ensuring you maximize your athletic and academic development.


Professional Conditions

Universities spend millions of dollars to ensure their student-athletes have access to extremely high-quality facilities and professionally qualified staff. This provides athletes the capability to develop at an accelerated rate and push their athletic career to its maximum potential.



Representing the university in a sport results in recognition for achievements and success. Collegiate athletics is extremely popular throughout the United States, games are televised and many collegiate stadiums maintain huge capacities for fans. Your athletic performances and the team’s success will determine the recognition you receive.


Wide Variety of Degrees

With such a large variety of educational programs offered at universities and colleges across the country, you truly get the opportunity to choose your dream degree. Receiving your diploma in the United States opens many doors for employment, not only within the US but anywhere in the world.


Go Pro

Is it possible to go pro? Yes it is! If you are good enough, there are many possibilities to become a professional athlete after you graduate. The collegiate environment acts as a perfect stepping stone into the professional game as it prepares you physically as well as mentally.


Personal Growth

Taking the step to become a student-athlete and move to the United States can appear daunting, yet it results in amazing personal growth and experience. You have the opportunity to continue pursuing your athletic passion in an environment that also combines academic development.