1. First Contact

Scenario A – Having been identified by our scouting network or one of our partnership programs, we will be in touch with you. If approved academically and athletically via our own evaluation we will begin the athletic scholarship process.

Scenario B – Get in touch with us by completing the free evaluation. One of our experienced Sport Consultants will analyze the information provided and begin the evaluation process. If approved academically and athletically, we will begin the athletic scholarship process.

This first process is designed to ensure a perfect fit between ourselves and the athlete. We look to evaluate current level of performance, previous teams/clubs represented, as well as statistics and figures. By doing so, we can confidently promote our clients to the top athletic programs across the United States.

2. Welcome to the Team

When everything is in place and the paperwork has been complete, you’ll be assigned your very own Sport Consultant. This is your go to contact who will be assisting and guiding you throughout the whole process. The first meetings will involve discussing the steps that lay ahead and creating a personal action plan. We will then begin building your athlete profile to promote within our collegiate coaching network.

3. Academic Testing

In order to apply and be accepted into an American university, all international students will need to complete the university admissions exam (SAT or ACT). For international students whose first language is not English, an exam testing your English skills is also required (TOEFL). Don’t worry! Your Sport Consultant will provide all the guidelines and resources necessary to get a great score on the exam.

4. Assessment of Choices

We place huge significance on finding you a university that matches your abilities, ambitions and preferences. In doing so, you find a place you can call home for your collegiate career and can focus on being as successful as possible. Having promoted and contacted college programs that match your criteria, interested coaches will be eager to reach out and begin communication. It is then down to you to begin building relationships with coaches of universities that you find most appealing. Although this may seem overwhelming, remember your Sport Consultant is always there to navigate you through each process.

5. Decision Time

After some communication and research, you will have started to get a good feel for the coach and university you are most interested in signing for. At this point athletic scholarships will start to be offered to athletes that coaches are eager to sign for their roster. Due to rules and regulations, we are unable to assist in scholarship negotiations and the final amount will be agreed upon by yourself and the recruiting coach. We understand and respect that this is a big decision for you and your family, don’t rush it and never forget your Sport Consultant is always there to assist and provide advice.

6. American Journey Begins

When you reach this step in the process you will have made your decision and officially signed for a collegiate athletic program – congratulations! The last tasks involve some final administrative work such as visa application, finalizing housing and meal plans, securing a health insurance provider and booking your flights. Your new university, as well as your Sport Consultant will help and support you in concluding these final tasks.

At last, it is finally time to board the plane and embark on your new American journey. Being a part of the Elite Athletic Scholarships team means we will follow and monitor your entire journey closely. We act as a support system to all of our athletes competing and studying in the United States. As such, if you ever need any additional help or support, we are only ever a message or phone call away.