Athletic Scholarships for Elite Athletes

An invite-only service offered to high-performance athletes seeking athletic scholarships in the United States


Elite Athletic Scholarships provides an invite-only service to athletes seeking sports scholarships at top universities in the USA.

Founded by former international collegiate athletes and coaches, we provide an unrivalled service to both the prospective athlete and the recruiting collegiate coach.

With quality being at the forefront of our operation, we are dedicated to sending our clients to the best athletic programs across the country, whilst seeking athletic scholarships that complement their high level of ability and potential.

Academic Guidance

Advice and mentorship for an academic pathway that matches your aspirations and career goals

Athlete Promotion

Utilizing our extensive network within university athletics, we are able to connect and place our athletes in the best programs across the country

Global Platform

Having developed a worldwide scouting network, our services are accessible to every elite athlete in pursuit of their athletic scholarship

League Eligibility

Assistance from our knowledgeable team to ensure our clients are 100% eligible and ready to play

Highlight Package

Creating and editing highlight tapes allows us to showcase our athletes at their best

Athlete Development

Join the list of countless talented athletes who have used collegiate athletics to propel themselves into the professional game

Our Process

1. First Contact with Elite

2. Welcome to the Team

3. Academic Testing

4. Assessment of Choices

5. American Journey Begins

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